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Corporation 20/20 - Designing for Social Purpose
Corporation 20/20 acts as: A forum of leading thinkers, practitioners, and activists. Creating the vision and charting the  course for the Future Corporation.




Allen White, Editor Paper Series on Restoring the Primacy of the Real Economy
Allen White, Editor Paper Series on Corporate Design
Marjorie Kelly and Allen White Corporate Design – The Missing Business and Public Policy Issue of Our Time
John Abrams The Company We Keep: Reinventing Small Business for People, Community, and Place
John Abrams Conscious Growth: Why South Mountain Co. pursues deliberate rather than maximum growth; published in Business Ethics
Peter Asmus,
Business Ethics
Antioch Company: Social Legacy Award
Peter Barnes Capitalism, the Commons and Divine Right
Margaret Blair Reforming Corporate Governance: What History Can Teach Us
Margaret Blair Directors' Duties in a Post-Enron World: Why Language Matters
Business and
Human Rights
Excerpts from submissions to United Nations consultation on business & human rights
Arnie Cooper Robert Hinkley's Plan to Change the World: An Interview by Arnie Cooper
Roger Cowe Stakes not Shares: Curbing the power of the corporations
Stephen Davis The Civil Economy
Deborah Doane Beyond corporate social responsibility: minnows, mammoths and markets
Deborah Doane From Red Tape to Road Signs: Redefining regulation and its purpose
Einer Elhauge Sacrificing Corporate Profits in the Public Interest
David Ellerman Rethinking the Employment Contract: What can today's corporate reform movement learn from the old anti-slavery and democratic movements?
David Ellerman Two Institutional Logics: Exit-Oriented Versus Commitment-Oriented Designs for Companies
European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union
European Union Explanations relating to the complete text of the Charter
Jonathan Frieman Commentaries on liability and the profit motive
Bill George Authentic Leadership: Rediscovering the Secrets to Creating Lasting Value
Sumantra Ghoshal Bad Management Theories are Destroying Good Management Practices
Kent Greenfield It's Time to Federalize Corporate Charters
Kent Greenfield An Incomplete List of Possible Progressive Reforms in Corporate Governance
Kent Greenfield Democracy and the Dominance of Delaware (draft)
Dan Greenwood Enronitis: Why Good Corporations Go Bad
(parts IVD and VI)
William Greider Beyond Scarcity: A New Story for American Capitalism
Robert Hinkley Comments on State of Maine Corporate Law Reform Initiative
Jeffrey Hollender,
Stephen Fenichell
What Matters Most
Marjorie Kelly
and Allen White
Corporate Watchdog Radio--Interview
Marjorie Kelly Why is a Corporation Like a Stray Cat? An interview with Robert Monks
Marjorie Kelly The Divine Right of Capital (Introduction)
Steven Lydenberg Corporations and the Public Interest: Guiding the Invisible Hand (excerpt)
Steven Lydenberg Trust Building and Trust Busting: Corporations, Government and Responsibilities
Debra Meyerson The Tempered Radicals: How employees push their companies – little by little – to be more socially responsible"
Terry Mollner Economic Maturity Beyond Capitalism: What Will Define the Next Stage?
Terry Mollner Trusteeship Capital, Inc.: An Investment Bank to Establish Trusteeship Capital
Mark H. Moore and Sanjeev Khagram On Creating Public Value: What Business Might Learn from Government About Strategic Management
Brian Murphy Beyond the Politics of the Possible: Corporations and the Pursuit of Social Justice
Deborah Olson Fair Exchange
Lynn Sharp Paine Value Shift: Why Companies Must Merge Social and Financial Imperatives to Achieve Superior Performance
James Post Governance and the Stakeholder Corporation: New challenges for Global Business
Peter Rosenblum Submission by The Columbia University Law School Human Rights Clinic: The Paradox of International Corporate Governance
John Shields Heads I Win: Tails You Lose
Dan Swinney Building the Bridge to the High Road: Expanding Participation and Democracy in the Economy to Build Sustainable Communities
Shann Turnbull The Case for Introducing Stakeholder Corporations
Shann Turnbull A New Way to Govern: Organisations and Society after Enron
United Nations Norms on the Responsibilities of Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises with Regard to Human Rights
Allen White The Purpose of the Corporation: Adam Smith Revisited
Allen White Lost in Transition? The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporations in a Great Transition


October 31 - November 1, 2013 Roundtable event Summary of Proceedings


Video Interview with Allen White at Yale Univ.


Corporation 20/20 director Allen White interviewed by Pavan Sukhdev regarding the Future Corporation.

Redesigning Finance: Pathway To A Resilient Future

Redesigning Finance

August 9, 2012 San Francisco workshop reading materials

2nd Summit Resources


A collection of 8 papers exploring key components of corporate design


1st Summit Resources


A one hour video summary of the Summit on the Future of the Corporation.


A collection of 10 papers exploring key components of corporate design